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Terrazzo an exciting and playful option for today’s designers

Essentially marble chips in a variety of dimensions & colours, set in a cement matrix make. Traditionally Terrazzo tiles were produced with a double layer system including a top layer of marble chips in a cement matrix on a base layer of cement. Due to more advanced technology, increased compression in the case of tiles and vibration in the case of slabs has made it possible to offer this product in a single layer format. This also results in a considerably higher density surface that will ultimately perform better as well as being easier to maintain.

For this reason, Terrazzo tiles of today are suitable for a considerably wider range of applications, including applications where one may choose to install as a pre finished tile, without on site machining and using a penetrating sealer. In addition, these modern production methods result in a product that is more precise in thickness accommodating adhesive style installation practices. Production of blocks makes any shape or format possible and allowing designers to consider sculpture proposals, street furniture or solid step treads and risers. For external paving, surface finish can be modified to meet non slip requirements.

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