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Andrews Place II

Versailles 5 Andrew Place Mileau Putrasia Copy

Versailles Quartzite island benchtop

In the heart of Andrews Place II, the kitchen embodies a marriage of functionality and aesthetics. Its focal point, a Versailles Quartzite benchtop, exudes an understated grandeur reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles. This natural wonder, with its intricate veining and timeless allure, mirrors the poetic essence of the home's raw materials, creating a harmonious thread throughout the space. The Versailles Quartzite benchtop becomes the epicenter of culinary creativity and family gatherings, where daily life transcends into an art form, merging function and beauty seamlessly. It encapsulates the essence of Andrews Place II, a space that marries architectural brilliance with the gentle touch of nature's hand, in a symphony of timeless elegance.

Versailles Andrews Place Andrew Zorzi Milieu Jody Darcy scaled
Versailles Andrews Place Andrew Zorzi Milieu Jody Darcy 02 scaled


Andrews Place II

By Milieu Creative & Adrian Zorzi

Serenely positioned along a peaceful Cottesloe street, Andrews Place II serves as a testament to architectural finesse. A collaborative effort by architect Davina Bester of Milieu Creative and builder Adrian Zorzi, has been meticulously designed to offer a sanctuary for its occupants. The integration of natural elements pays homage to the client's rural roots in Wagin, creating a refined, near-monochromatic palette with timber accents that allows the vibrant gardens to take center stage.

Davina Bester's visionary touch is evident in the seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. Through precise planning and the strategic positioning of the new structure, the home revels in the northern sun and invigorating cross breezes, while remaining sheltered from the elements. The thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape provides a verdant outdoor space and a sheltered swimming pool, strategically placed at the front to establish an inviting connection with the street. Rich cedar window frames and doors complement the subtly distressed Chambon travertine flooring, enhancing the tactile and artistic essence of this architectural masterpiece, rooted in raw, natural materials.



Project Credits

Design - Milieu Creative

Builder - Adrian Zorzi

Landscape - Q Gardens Landscaping

Photography - Jody D'Arcy Photography & Putrasia

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