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Benchtop Selection Guide | Making an Informed Choice

HERO IMAGE DESIGN : Kitchen Studio


STONE : Elias Silver Limestone

Selecting the perfect benchtop material for your kitchen is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It's a choice that not only influences the aesthetics of your culinary space but also its durability and functionality. In the world of benchtop materials, natural stone and porcelain panels have emerged as prime contenders, offering a compelling array of qualities that make them an excellent investment for your home.

Natural Stone - A Timeless Choice

Natural stone benchtops, hewn from exquisite materials such as limestone, marble, granite, and quartzite, emanate an air of authenticity and timeless beauty. Each stone type introduces its own distinct aesthetic qualities and physical attributes, allowing homeowners to strike a delicate balance between their desired look and the benchtop's enduring performance.

Limestone, with its soft and warm tones, offers a tranquil choice for your kitchen benchtop. Comprising compressed sea life and shells formed in ancient marine environments, it often reveals perfectly preserved fossils in its intricate patterns. While this stone exudes elegance, it's sensitive to acids like lemon and vinegar, requiring swift cleanup to prevent stains. Additionally, it should be sealed post-installation, as it's not inherently waterproof. While commonly used in bathrooms and decorative features like fireplace surrounds, its suitability for kitchens is debated due to its perceived lower durability, yet with proper care, it can bestow lasting beauty upon your culinary space."

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Elias Silver Honed

Kitchen Studio - Jody Darcy Photography

Marine Grey thumbnail

Marine Grey

Cayman Grey thumbnail scaled

Cayman Grey

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Silver Pearl

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Giron Beige

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

Quartzite benchtops open the door to a world of elegance and strength, transforming your living spaces into captivating showcases of natural artistry. These stone surfaces, born deep within the Earth, bring forth a rich tapestry of hues and intricate patterns, effortlessly enhancing the beauty of your home. Beyond their aesthetic charm, the hallmark of quartzite lies in its robust durability, elevating the practicality of daily life to luxurious heights.

What sets quartzite apart is its ability to offer a captivating range of hues, veining patterns, and a crystal-like translucency that makes a unique design statement. In the heart of your home, it can infuse sophistication or bring a touch of dramatic flair, depending on your personal style and vision. When investing in your home's interior, the longevity of materials should be a paramount consideration alongside visual appeal. Colored quartzite brilliantly merges its aesthetic allure with exceptional strength and durability, ensuring that your investment endures for years to come.

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Anahita Green

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Granite - The Unrivaled Powerhouse

When it comes to kitchen benchtops, granite reigns supreme as the go-to choice. Derived from igneous rock formed deep within the Earth's core, granite boasts a molecular structure that translates to unparalleled strength. In the culinary arena, granite prevails against the rigors of daily use, withstanding scratches and burns with remarkable resilience. While granite, by nature, leans towards the non-porous end of the spectrum its durability remains undeniable.

One of the most captivating aspects of granite lies in its diverse color spectrum, influenced by the minerals and metals present during its formation. This geological diversity yields an array of shades, from delicate and veined to the deepest, most opulent blacks.

Bianco Increto State 28 J Bangas Kitchen Jack Lovell

Bianco Increto Brushed

State 28 - Jack Lovell Photography

Chiavara thumbnail scaled

Bianco Chiavara

Soteria thumbnail scaled

Bianco Soteria

Emerald Green thumbnail scaled

Emerald Green

Titanium thumbnail scaled


Marble's Culinary Poetry

Marble embodies culinary excellence fused with timeless elegance, establishing itself as the ultimate choice for your kitchen benchtop. With a remarkable array of colors, ranging from classic whites and soft beiges to deep blacks and captivating grays, marble provides the canvas for a culinary space that exudes sophistication and style.

Marble's unique allure extends beyond aesthetics. Each slab showcases mesmerizing veining patterns, narrating a distinctive geological tale that transforms your kitchen into a dynamic canvas of living art. Yet, it's not just about its artistic qualities. In the heart of culinary creativity, where every culinary masterpiece takes form, marble, with proper care, ensures your benchtop maintains its resilience and beauty, enduring the test of time while emanating timeless charm and sophistication. Therefore, as life adds its vibrant touches to your kitchen, marble gracefully incorporates these moments into its enduring narrative, bearing witness to the vibrant mess and vitality of life.

MS20C4 Calacatta 021 Extra Honed kitchen Jess OShea Designs Saltkbperth Gathering scaled

Calacatta Or Honed

Jess O'Shea Design - Gathering Light

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Calacatta Oro

Viola thumbnail scaled

Calacatta Viola

Hestia thumbnail scaled


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Amazon Green

Dolomites - Australia & Beyond

Dolomite redefines the essence of culinary spaces. A fusion of classic marble elegance and granite-like durability, dolomite emerges as an embodiment of modernity. Its pristine white canvas, adorned with subtle gray veining, offers timeless sophistication while seamlessly complementing various design aesthetics, be it contemporary minimalism or traditional charm.

In recent times, the spotlight has shifted towards the discovery of Australian dolomites, among which the likes of Austral Dream, Pilbara Gold, and Pilbara Red have risen to prominence as preferred choices for kitchen benchtops. The appeal of these Australian dolomites can be attributed to several compelling factors that set them apart as exceptional selections.

First and foremost, these dolomites exude a distinct sense of natural beauty, bearing the unmistakable imprints of Australia's unique geological history. With patterns and hues that mirror the country's diverse landscapes, such as the rugged Pilbara region, these dolomites bring a touch of local splendor to your kitchen, weaving a narrative that connects the heart of your home with the essence of the Australian land. In addition to their aesthetic allure, Australian dolomites offer unparalleled durability, thanks to their closed structure. This inherent strength enables them to stand up to the daily demands of the kitchen, making them not only visually captivating but also highly practical and resilient.

Austral Dream 2

Austral Dream Honed

Rezen Studio - Jack Lovell Photography

Austral Dream Dark thumbnail scaled

Austral Dream Dark

Pilbara Green thumbnail 1 scaled

Pilbara Green

Pilbara Gold 2 thumbnail scaled

Pilbara Gold

Larrisa thumbnail scaled


INFINITY Calacatta Oro Winelands Design Studio Paarl South Africa Kitchen Interiors 2022 4

Infinity Porcelain - The Epitome of Strength

In the realm of benchtop materials, porcelain panels have emerged as a game-changer. Made from all-natural pressed porcelain, these large-format slabs are virtually impervious to damage. They resist staining and etching and maintain complete UV stability, making them suitable even for outdoor use.

Infinity Surfaces has emerged as a transformative force, redefining the essence of modern kitchen design. At the heart of their innovative offerings are porcelain panels that bear witness to a remarkable fusion of artistry and engineering.

The true allure of porcelain panels lies not only in their unparalleled resilience but also in their captivating aesthetics. These versatile surfaces breathe life into culinary spaces with a curated array of textures, tones, and patterns. Whether you seek a sleek, minimalistic design or an artistic statement in your kitchen, Infinity Surfaces offers a portfolio that caters to a diverse range of tastes.