Porcelain offers Limitless Design

Bernini’s exclusive range of high performance, large scale porcelain sheets are sourced from the best of the Italian producers, with a vast range of colours, finishes and formats there is a collection to suit all design and architectural needs.  Porcelain is Versatile, Hardwearing, Lightweight, available in Large Panels, Minimal Thickness and External applications.

Hardwearing & Stain Resistant

High physical strength and low porosity makes porcelain a standout solution to any work surface. Highly resilient to scratching, acid attack and staining means low maintenance is required for everyday household use. Even hard stains like coffee, wine and lemon are no match for porcelain.

Marble Aesthetics & Versatility

The innovative design of porcelain replicates the incredible beauty and richness of colour, texture, veining and luminescence of natural stone without the practical limitations. Unlike marble and other porous materials there is no need for sealing or concern with stains, marks or acid etching.

With over 60 colour selections and finishes there is a unique lightweight architectural surface perfect for your project.


Connect with Outdoors

Unlike engineered stone porcelain is suitable for external applications due to it’s high Heat, UV & fade resistance. Making it the superior choice for alfresco barbeques, fireplaces, stovetops and external floor and wall cladding.

Less Joins

The extra large scale of porcelain sheets provides less joins and the possibility to create a seamless floor to ceiling installations. The results are a continuity that gives a whole new visual experience while discarding the age-old complaint about mould and mildew on grout joins.

Panels sizes span up to 3200x160mm with 6mm and 12mm thickness options available.

This large scale, lightweight format tile increases the design opportunities and endless applications for kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, external cladding. Contact us today for assistance with your porcelain choice.

Natural & Safe

Produced from quality natural raw materials makes safe with no toxic chemical binders or harmful VOC gases. Its impenetrable surface provides an exceptional Hygienic finish for contact with food sources in any kitchen from domestic to commercial. Mould and fungus resistant perfect for bathroom applications including floors, walls, integrated vanities and shower recesses.


Versatile Surfaces

Available in a variety of matt, gloss and textured finishes our porcelain guarantees optimal technical and aesthetic responses for all indoor and outdoor spaces. From commercial spaces with high levels of foot traffic requiring high slip ratings to residential projects with contemporary matt benchtops, there is a specific finish solution for every application.

We have our showroom in Subiaco, so whether you’re a homeowner or a business, looking for a stunning porcelain tile floor, come and see our full range. We have excellent staff available to help and answer any of your questions.

Alternatively, please give us a call now on +61 8 93881193.

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