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Grove Residence | Maek

Saba White Maek Dion Robeson 8

Saba White dolomite benchtops


Grove Residence

By Maek

Nestled within the serene riverside enclave of Peppermint Grove in Perth, the captivating 'Grove Residence' is a testament to the art of metamorphosis, where natural stone takes center stage. This pre-existing home has been thoughtfully reimagined, emerging as a private haven for a family returning from life abroad. While the home's exterior structure remains largely untouched, MAEK has embarked on a visionary transformation of the interior, creating a space that exudes the timeless elegance and charm of European living, with natural stone playing a leading role.

Saba White Dolomite graces the kitchen and living areas, exuding a subtle elegance while exemplifying the stone's inherent resilience through its dramatic curves.



Project Credits

Design & Build - Maek Residences

Photography - Dion Robeson Photography

Landscape Design - Tristan Peirce

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