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Coronado Grey

Slate | Filetti

Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured traditions of Europe, Filetti paving beautifully merges the essence of old-world charm with contemporary versatility. Unveiling a reimagined take on outdoor flooring, this remarkable paving solution showcases slender and enduring stone pieces, meticulously arranged in a linear fashion. Captivating in its durability and refined aesthetics, Filetti paving captures the essence of a historic architectural staple, elevating it to new heights of enduring elegance in modern applications.

Coronado Grey comes in a range of configurations, select your preference then further customise your finishes.


Coronado Filetti is curated in individual baton pieces with a unique split finish to all sides. Add to your 'stone selections' project list or contact our showroom for further information on formats, finishes & availability. Alternative customised formats & finishes may be available upon request.