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Benchtop Selection Guide

October 19 2023 By karen

CARE & TIPS Benchtop Selection Guide | Making an Informed Choice HERO IMAGE DESIGN : Kitchen Studio HERO IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Jody Darcy STONE : Elias Silver Limestone Selecting the perfect benchtop material for your kitchen is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s a choice that not only influences the aesthetics of your

How to Choose Pool Paving

October 17 2023 By karen

CARE & TIPS Crafting Your Ideal Pool Area What to consider when selecting your pool paving Designing your dream pool area is a thrilling venture, but it’s not just about the pool itself – it’s about every intricate detail, starting with the pool paving. The right choice of pavers can transform your poolside into a

Cleaning & Sealing you new Paving

October 17 2023 By karen

CARE Prolonging the Splendor How to Clean & Seal Your Natural Stone Paving In the realm of design, selecting natural stone for your exterior spaces is a powerful choice, imbuing your surroundings with timeless elegance. However, to ensure your design maintains its enduring allure, attention to cleaning and sealing your new stone paving is essential.