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Prolonging the Splendor

How to Clean & Seal Your Natural Stone Paving

In the realm of design, selecting natural stone for your exterior spaces is a powerful choice, imbuing your surroundings with timeless elegance. However, to ensure your design maintains its enduring allure, attention to cleaning and sealing your new stone paving is essential. As your stone encounters the elements, foot traffic, and environmental debris, the quality of the seal becomes the design secret, preserving the stone's captivating patina and weaving a narrative of longevity and unrelenting elegance that resounds with aesthetic sophistication.

Choosing the Perfect Stone

Selecting the right type of natural stone isn't solely about aesthetics. It's about making practical choices that impact your stone's longevity and visual appeal. Think about features like slip resistance, ease of cleaning, and how it harmonises with your design. Our range of stone paving options at Bernini, including Travertine, Basalt, Marble, Limestone, and Granite, offers various surface finishes, each with its own cleaning and maintenance considerations.

These choices hold the power to significantly influence the overall design and care of your space. Count on our showroom experts to provide valuable insights, simplifying your decision-making process and minimising the need for extensive consultations.

Perfect Stone

Pre-Seal Wet Areas

For those incorporating water features, pools, or other areas exposed to moisture, it's essential to adopt a proactive approach. We recommend an architectural strategy known as "dip sealing." This innovative method involves applying a protective sealant to the stone before installation. This preventative measure not only preserves the stone's pristine appearance but also mitigates issues like efflorescence, which can diminish long-term performance.

Ultra Block by Sealers Plus is our preferred choice for this application, ensuring a seamless and enduring finish.

Wet Areas 2

Enhancing Performance with Sealing

Elevating the performance of natural stone is at the core of architectural design, and we're here to empower you with an outstanding solution – Aqua Seal Gold + by Sealer Plus. This exceptional, penetrating sealer is meticulously crafted for natural stone, combining functionality with grace. Its remarkable features encompass resistance to yellowing, UV protection, safeguarding against mold, mildew, and efflorescence. To ensure your stone's enduring architectural excellence.

To ensure your stone's longevity and performance, it's crucial to reapply Aqua Seal Gold + approximately every two to seven years.

Sealers Plus

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

At the core of stone care is the goal of preserving the unique appeal of natural stone. Regular high-pressure cleaning or machine scrubbing using products like Sealers Plus Stone Wash + or Xtreme Clean + forms the foundation for ensuring your stone maintains its distinctive charm. The frequency of these maintenance tasks varies based on factors like the type of stone, environmental conditions, and the level of usage.

Conducting careful tests in hidden areas is essential. These tests provide valuable insights into application ease, dilution rates, color retention, and desired outcomes.


Your stone deserves the best & we're here to help

In the world of stone paving, taking care of your natural stone involves a blend of smart choices and effective practices. With the right planning and guidance, your stone will remain a striking feature in your space for years to come. For any questions or further information, reach out to us or Book an Appointment.

All the essential sealing and cleaning products are available directly from our Bernini showroom. For assistance with cleaning, sealing, and maintenance, our showroom representatives are ready to offer their expertise and guidance.