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Travertino Athena

Travertine | Tiles

Travertino Athena provides a sensory experience that invites tactile exploration of its incredible artistry. This exceptional stone exhibits a natural allure, featuring a consistent soft cream shade that flawlessly complements contemporary architectural styles. Its minimalist colour variation effortlessly captures attention, celebrating the charm of irregularity and imperfections while honouring the elegant simplicity of the raw material.

Athena, a premium Italian stone, is available in both vein cut and cross cut selections, offering versatility in design possibilities. Whether you desire the elegant vein patterns of the vein cut or the captivating texture of the cross cut, Athena adds depth and interest to any space. From stunning flooring and wall cladding to outdoor paving and landscaping, this versatile stone can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of applications, allowing for a continuous aesthetic throughout your space.

Travertino Athena comes in a range of configurations, select your preference then further customise your finishes.


Add to your 'stone selections' list or contact our showroom for further information on formats, finishes & availability. Alternative customised formats & finishes may be available upon request.