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Pietra Grigio

Limestone | Tile

Edgy and alluring, Pietra Grigio is a classic marble well know for it?s elegant soft veins set amidst a warm grey brown background. Its Sumptuous sense of depth and dark tones makes it a popular choice for contemporary design aesthetics that want a touch of luxury.

Delivering unrivalled elegance & beauty, limestone is a revered surface selection for most tiled applications, including internal living areas, external paving & alfresco to featured walls. Its contemporary tones and robust versatility will effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any space.

Pietra Grigio comes in a range of configurations, select your preference then further customise your finishes.


Add to your 'stone selections' list or contact our showroom for further information on formats, finishes & availability. Alternative customised formats & finishes may be available upon request. Stone is durable and hard wearing, however we do recommend that darker toned limestones are ideally suited to having a textured surface finish or used in a decorative and/or vertical surface, due to their vulnerability of showing visual acid etching to a greater extent then lighter coloured stones which are more forgiving.