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  • Product tags
    Ashlar Cladding cladding drystone stone cladding wall cladding feature wall cladding fireplace cladding fireplace stone outdoor cladding splitfaced fireplace stone. organic commercial cladding crazy paving earthy natural stone paver porphyry textured cobblestone filetti flamed bathroom benchtop feature wall fireplace onyx polished slabs polished slabs tiles pavers basalt outdoor pavers stepping stones Metal Corten Porcelain Slabs porcelain slabs
  • Application
    Outdoor Wall Commercial Floor Paver Pavers Tiles Slabs Outside
  • Colour
    Charcoal Earthy Neutral Grey Splash of Colour White Pink Green Metal Concrete Essential Stone Exotic Marble White Marble
  • Use
    Feature Wall Fireplace Outdoor Wall Alfresco Tile Main Floor Outdoor Pavers Bathroom Benchtop Pool Area Outdoor Benchtop Splashback Kitchen Benchtop Bathroom Tiles Commercial
  • Material
    Drystone Porphyry Onyx Basalt Dolomite Limestone Marble Granite Quartzite Porcelain Terrazzo Slate Travertine
  • Attributes
    Ashlar Dry Stone Splitface & Lined Cobblestone & Filetti Organic Crazy paving Textured Pavers Rectangle Slabs Square Textured, Splitface & Lined Tiles Linear Strips Stepping stones Mosaic French Pattern 12mm 6mm 20mm Bookmatch Endmatch Natura Vein Compact Chip Large Chip Classic Chip Bricks Split
  • Format Size Cladding
    Length 150-600mm Width 40-120mm Thickness 25-35mm Length 150-480mm Width 55-160mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 150-500mm Width 50-200mm Thickness 20-35mm Length 100-600mm Width 40-120mm Thickness - 25-35mm Length 150-500mm Width 50-200mm Thickness 20-35m Length 170-380mm Width 90-230mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 150-400mm Width 120-300mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 190-310mm Width 100-200mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 100-300mm Width 50-200mm Thickness 30-40mm Length 130-330mm Width 50-250mm Thickness 30-50mm Length 140-280mm Width 70-20mm Thickness 25-45mm Length 100-340mm Width 90-210mm Thickness 30-40mm Length 160-300mm Width 100-200mm Thickness 20-30mm Crazy Paving 20mm thick 100x100x40mm Free Lengths 120-320mm Width 100mm Thickness 40-60mm 600x300x20mm 600x300x30mm Sizes vary 20mm thick 600x300x15mm 800x400x15mm Free Lengths 250-450mm Width 90mm Thickness 40mm Organic Format 20mm thick Organic Format 30mm thick 90x90x30mm 800x400x30mm 600x600x15mm 90x90x60mm Free Lengths 250-450mm Width 90mm Thickness 90mm 600x600x20mm Sizes vary 30mm thick 600x300x12mm 800x400x12mm Length 600mm Width 50/100/150mm 15mm thick Octogon Hexagon 48x48mm Hexagon 73x73mm 610x305x12mm French Pattern 30mm thick 610x610x15mm 812x406x12mm Free Length 500 -1000mm 20mm thick 610x305x15mm Slab sizes vary 20mm thick 600x600x12mm 914x457x20mm 457x457x10mm Batons 150x50x20mm 812x406x15mm 610x305x12.5mm 600x400x15mm Sizes vary 18mm thick Finger Mosaics 100x100x20mm Custom Custom 300x100x20mm 600x400x30mm 600x600x15 800x400x10mm 914x457x10mm 600x300x15 600x600x20 610x305x10mm 610x610x12mm 600x300x14mm (Cross Cut) 610x305x10mm (Vein Cut) Casablanca Chevron Herringbone Subway 610x610x10mm Arrow Basket Weave Fan Hexagon 35x35mm Hexagon 45x45mm Matchstick Oxford Weave Penny Round 400x400x15mm 800x400x20mm 900x450x20mm 600x100x30mm 100x100x30mm 600x600x30mm 90x90x20mm 3200x1600x6mm Core Range (M) 3240x1620x12mm (M) 3200x1600x6mm (M) 3240x1620x20mm (M) 3240x1620x12mm Core Range (M) 3240x1620x12mm (M, P) 12mm Core Range 6mm Non Stock 3200x1600x6mm (S) 3240x1620x12mm (S) 3200x1600x6mm Core Range (S) 3240x1620x12mm Core Range (P) 3240x1620x20mm (P) 3200x1600x6mm Bookmatch (P, Lev) 3240x1620x12mm Bookmatch (P, Lev) 3200x1600x6mm (P) 3240x1620x12mm (P) 3200x1600x6mm Bookmatch (P) 3240x1620x12mm Bookmatch (P) 3240x1620x12mm Bookmatch Core Range (S) 3240x1620x12mm Core Range (Lev) 3200x1600x6mm Core Range Bookmatch (Lev) 3200x1600x6mm Bookmatch (S,P) 3240x1620x12mm Bookmatch (S, P) 3240x1620x12mm (S, P) 3240x1620x12mm Core Range (S) 3240x1620x20mm (S) 3200x1600x6mm Bookmatch Core Range (S) 3240x1630x6mm Bookmatch Core Range (M) 3200x1600x6mm Endmatch (P) 3240x1620x12mm (P, S) 12mm Polished Bookmatch | Custom 12mm Satin Bookmatch | Core Range 20mm Polished Natura Vein | Custom 20mm Satin Natura Vein | Core Range 6mm Polished Bookmatch | Custom 3200x1600x6mm Bookmatch (P, S) 3240x1620x20mm Natura Vein (P) 3240x1620x20mm Natura Vein, Core Range (S) 3200x1600x6mm Endmatch (P, S) 3240x1620x20mm Natura Vein (P, S) 3240x1620x20mm Bookmatch (P,S) 3240x1620x6mm Bookmatch (P) 3240x1620x6mm Bookmatch Core Range (S) 3240x1620mm 12mm Thick 3240x1620x6mm Bookmatch (P, S) 3240x1620x12mm Bookmatch (P, S) 3240x1620x6mm Endmatch (P, S) 100x100x12mm 200x200x12mm 250x25013mm 298x298x20mm 400x400x17mm 600x298x20mm Hex 115mm Hex 145mm 400x400x20mm 1200x600x20mm 1200x900x20mm 300x300x12mm 900x600x20mm 400x400x12mm 1200x600x25mm 600x300x15/20mm 600x600x15/20mm 800x800x20mm 1200x1200x20mm 120x600x20mm 300x300x15mm 400x400x15/20mm Crazy Paving 20-30mm thick Free Lengths Width 100-300mm Thickness 20-40mm Free Lengths 100-600mm Width 30-50mm Thickness 20-40mm Free Lengths 100-600mm Width 30-50mm Thickness 30-50mm Free Length 100-150mm Width 100-600mm Thickness 100 - 150mm 100x100mm 10-30mm thick 600x250mm 25-30mm thick 400x200x20mm 600x100x20mm 610x305x13mm Slabs; Sizes vary 20mm thick 610x305x30mm 812x406x30mm French Pattern 812x406x14mm Hexagon
  • Format Size Corners
    Length 150-345mm Height 55-140mm Thickness 25-40mm Length 55-140mm Height 70-270mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 200-350mm Height 50-130mm Thickness 20-35mm Length 140-410mm Height 60-120mm Thickness 20-35mm Length 135-280mm Height 50-100mm Thickness - 25-35mm Length 230-340mm Height 100-150mm Thickness 20-35mm Length 150-240mm Height 70-260mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 150-400mm Height -120-300mm Thickness 20-30mm Length 100-170mm Height 100-270mm Thickness 25-30mm Length 90-200mm Height 200-215mm Thickness 30-40mm Length 100-180mm Height 150-320mm Thickness 30-50mm Length 150-360mm Height 100-220mm Thickness 30-45mm Length 100-150mm Height 100-270mm Thickness 25-30mm 3050x1250x20mm 2450x1250x20mm 1850x1240x20mm 1830x1230x20mm 2400x1600x20mm 3050x1400x20mm
  • Finish
    Ashlar Splitface Filetti Splitface Organic Splitface Flamed Splitface Polished Sandblasted & Brushed Sawn Bush Hammered Chiselled Honed Brushed & Tumbled Tumbled Vein Cut Honed Cross Cut Honed Acidwash Brushed Sandblasted, Brushed & tumbled Sandblasted Sandwashed Flamed and Brushed Cross Cut Sandblasted & Brushed Vein Cut Sandblasted & Brushed Flute Lined Cross Cut Vein Cut Matte Satin Patinata Levigato Pearl Honed & Filled Cross Cut Honed & Filled Vein Cut Honed & Unfilled Cross Cut Cross Cut Tumbled Cross Cut Sawn Vein Cut Sawn Honed & Unfilled Vein Cut Brushed Unfilled Honed & filled Honed & unfilled Polished Filled Vein Cut Tumbled Polished & Filled Vein Cut
  • Collection
    Australian Core Range - P Core Venetian Core Range - T Core Palladian Baroque Arcadian Arcadia
  • Bali Hai

    Be inspired by the unique tonal variation, shape and tactile
  • Noa Noa

    Bring life to your project with Noa Noa. Featuring a
  • Vernazza

    Embodying the clean forms of the traditional Filetti format in
  • Oatea

    Oatea is the perfect stone to compliment any design style,
  • Tahiti

    Tahiti is a classic wall cladding featuring soft greys and
  • Taha

    Taha consists of a mix of burnt earthen tones reflecting

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