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Naturally sophisticated and elegant travertine garden paving

Travertine garden paving has injected personality and beauty into the outdoor areas of many homes, complexes and commercial properties. A versatile stone that not only works in the garden but is also found in many contemporary buildings, where it is used as flooring, cladding, benchtops and even feature walls. Contact Bernini Stone & Tiles today for more information on our travertine pavers, or visit our store where you can view our wide selection.


Travertine is a form of limestone formed from calcium carbonate, which is deposited from the water of mineral hot springs.

Small pockets or voids are a characteristic of the material, which ultimately gives it that unique look and its striking appeal. The world of interior design and architecture has long had a fascination with this stone using it in an array of different ways throughout history.

This naturally formed wonder gives off the most beautiful colours such as ivory, stone, cream and beige, many of which are lined with striking gold and walnut colours. With the right finish, the exceptional personality of travertine paving slabs comes to life.


Our travertine can be supplied in a variety of surface finishes including:

  • Honed and filled
  • Honed and unfilled
  • Brushed and unfilled
  • Brushed and filled
  • Sawn finish

We offer a cut-to-size service which allows us to provide special orders for your upcoming project or development.


Not only does travertine paving bring a landscape to life, many designers who have taken to incorporating courtyards in the middle of their homes, use this stone to give the courtyard that Tuscan look and feel. These colours instantly add appeal to any patio, garden or large landscape, making it stand apart from the rest. This paving can be used to reshape gardens and give them a more attractive quality and appeal.


We know that you demand the best quality which is why we source our travertine from only the finest quarries across the globe. We handpick the products ensuring they meet our exceptionally high standards.


We work alongside you to create a budget that is suited to your pocket. Visit our store where you can view our extensive selection of travertine exterior paving. You can ask questions and we will advise you on the best product to suit your needs. Tile prices vary as the finish, cut and texture all impact the costing, but we always work with our clients to give them the best options.

Look no further than Bernini for travertine pavers in Perth. Contact us today. We look forward to assisting you.

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