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Sandstone crazy paving for that rustic appeal

Sandstone is a firm favourite among landscapers and architects simply because it can turn a poolside patio into an elegant outside dining space. Alternatively, sandstone crazy paving can turn a path into a rugged stylish walkway. This hardy and durable stone is recognised across the world for its durability and versatility. Contact Bernini Stone & Tiles today for more information on our travertine paving, or stop by at our store and view our wide selection. You’re guaranteed to find what you want and need.


Versatile in application, sandstone slabs feature a striking makeup of quartz and layers of sand that are compounded over millennia resulting in a rich stone, bursting with warm colours. The deep texture and earthy tones range from shades of red and brown to white and grey, each of which can be enhanced with a specialised finish.


We can cut-to-shape pavers according to your needs. We can also add a finish to create a grittier texture or a more honed sandstone paving finish leading to a more striking and cleaner style.

  • Chiselled
  • Tumbled
  • Sawn
  • Honed


There are several benefits to sandstone pavers, including easy installation, durability, minimal maintenance, variety of thicknesses and visual appeal ‚ each paving stone is unique in its makeup and character, making it even more attractive.

Sandstone is an eco-friendly material which doesn’t contain any chemicals, and its hardwearing nature means it will last for years to come. It is a porous stone and will require a sealant to ensure it doesn’t retain moisture as this can cause it to deteriorate over time. This can easily be avoided; just chat to our skilled team.


We have a fully equipped facility featuring the newest in cutting-edge technology which allows us to cut sandstone to your preferred dimensions. Our selection is available in various thicknesses which is what allows them to be easily applied in different outdoor settings such as pathways and tabletops.

Use this amazing stone in any setting. It will change the face of any garden and create character in any space. Divide your outdoor area and create stylish borders between flower beds and pathways, or create a stylish pathway leading to your patio.

Contact us today for more information or for a quote. Our team will work with you to provide a product that works for your pocket and meets all your landscaping needs.

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