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Durable and attractive polished granite slabs for any space

An extremely durable product, polished granite slabs are among the hardest stones on the Perth market. Resistant to scratching and cracking, granite will remain as polished and stylish as the day it was first installed. Contact Bernini Stone & Tiles for more information on our extensive selection of granite slabs.

Granite is a class of igneous rock, which is created when magma (liquid volcanic matter) cools and crystallises slowly within the earth’s crust. The high density of the rock makes it a highly durable material that can withstand acidic liquids, making it one of the preferred materials for kitchen benchtops.

Bernini supplies granite in a variety of surface finishes, which include:

  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Flamed
  • Brushed
  • Bush hammered
  • Chiseled
  • Many different styles of ‚Äúlined‚Äù finishes

Granite Slabs are Versatile

Unsurpassed in uses, granite is favoured by architects, designers and developers across the world thanks to the fact that it can easily meet the design, construction and renovation requirements for indoor or outdoor spaces.

The combination of beauty and durability make it the ideal choice in high traffic areas and in spaces that call for functionality and style such as kitchens, commercial foyers and more.

Using the newest technology in our fully equipped facility, our skilled stonemasons can successfully cut granite slabs in various dimensions, but our team can also reseal, mould and re-shape granite for use on patios and in fireplaces. A favourite with designers everywhere, granite can be used in your catering kitchen, hotel bathrooms, office facilities and even outside your office.

Choose from our different colours of granite slabs to complement your preferred residential décor or commercial brand needs. Available in a variety of thicknesses, you can request any colour in any size. Not only is this extremely hard stone easy on the eye and usable in nearly any setting, it’s also the recommended choice for use in areas that call for extreme hygiene measures.


An excellent product that is not only beautiful but also highly practical, making for the perfect kitchen countertop. Unlike many other materials, granite is easy to maintain and features an impermeable surface that doesn’t allow for the penetration of unwelcome substances that can lead to health issues.

A firm favourite when designing or renovating your bathroom, granite is perfect for any space that calls for extreme hygiene and cleanliness.

Contact us today for granite slabs, or visit our Perth-based store where our team is on hand to assist you.

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