DIY paving instructions

All you need to know about how to lay pavers

Installing natural stone pavers is a great way of adding a stylish, elegant touch to your home as well as huge value too. Depending on the natural stone you choose, like granite, travertine, limestone, basalt or sandstone, you can instantly transform a patio, driveway or pool area from dab to fab in no time.

Thinking of laying paving stones by yourself? At Bernini Stone & Tile, we’ve put together some DIY paving instructions that will help you on your paving journey.

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a DIY paving project, so first make sure you have the right, tools and equipment before beginning. If you are going to be excavating any land or building a patio on, make sure you have the right building permissions as well as an understanding as to where your various utilities lie.

Deciding on the best stone pavers to use for the job is of course also important before starting. Where is your area situated, outside or undercover? Is the area level already? What activities will be going on around it? For example, if it’s a pool area the stone with the most non-slip properties or a rough finish will be key.

Exact DIY paving instructions on how to lay pavers will depend a lot on the above factors however we suggest you refer to our FAQ page

For more information on the best way to lay your natural stone pavers, contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today.

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