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Rhodes House | Showcasing the Pilbara

Pilabara Green Red CCN RhodesHouse Dion Robeson 2

A Masterpiece in Natural Stone & Architectural Design

In the realm of architectural brilliance and innovative materiality, Rhodes House stands as a testament to visionary design and a true marvel of commercial office architecture. This architectural gem takes its name from the illustrious Western Australian family-run agricultural business, DFD Rhodes, and it is much more than just a building; it's an exploration of form, function, and a tribute to the enduring beauty of natural stone.

Conceived in 2018, the inception of Rhodes House was the brainchild of DFD Rhodes' CEO, Matt Keady, who sought to elevate the company's profile with a cutting-edge A-Grade office space. To bring this vision to life, the distinguished architectural firm, Cameron Chisolm Nicol, Western Australia's longest-standing operational architectural firm, was entrusted with the project.

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What truly sets Rhodes House apart is its inspired use of the Pilbara Dolomites from Bernini's Australiana collection. This remarkable material, stretching seamlessly from floor to ceiling, isn't merely a statement of aesthetics but a testament to geological resilience. This unique dolomitic stone, formed over billions of years of natural transformations, ranks as one of the world's oldest, toughest, and is more enduring then marble, making it the perfect choice for both internal and external cladding.

Executing the vision required a skilled hand, and it was the talented team at Modern Stone & Tile who meticulously brought this marriage of architecture and natural stone to life. Their craftsmanship is a vital element in enhancing the building's intrinsic allure, highlighting the mesmerizing qualities of the Pilbara Stone.

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Pilabara Green Red CCN RhodesHouse Dion Robeson

The chosen stone isn't just a pretty face; it resonates with a sense of history and place. It hails from the Pilbara region, in close proximity to the roots of the DFD Rhodes family business, reinforcing its profound significance.

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Rhodes House doesn't merely exist within its architectural surroundings; it thrives in them. The marble cladding and interior wall coverings evoke a sense of grandeur, harmonizing with the Pilbara region's enduring majesty. It's not just an office building; it's a living tribute to the enduring allure of natural stone.

The project has been lauded not only for its innovative architectural features but also for its pioneering displacement ventilation system, a first for Western Australia. The West Australian Pilbara Red and Green Marble used in both the facade and interior finishes further underscores a commitment to innovation and aesthetics. This design initiative has not only received enthusiastic acclaim from its clients but has also been embraced with enthusiasm by the community, solidifying its place as an architectural landmark.

Rhodes House stands as a testament to the harmonious union of architectural brilliance and the enduring beauty of natural stone. It's not just a building; it's an architectural masterpiece that celebrates the majesty of Western Australia's geological heritage and craftsmanship.

Project Credits

Photography - Dion Robeson

Architect - Cameron Chisholm Nicol

Builder - Built

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