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Natural stone bathroom tiles are an excellent choice for home renovators or owners wanting to create the bathroom of their dreams. The versatility and variety of choice that natural stone tiles offer, guarantees you the ability to find the perfect tile for your bathroom floors, walls, and showers that will match you style and flair every time.
Bernini Stone & Tile are the leaders in the supply of natural stone bathroom tiles in Perth and we have been since 1987. Thanks to our over 30 years’ worth of experience in the importing and supply of the hugest range of natural stone tiles for the home, kitchen, bathroom and outdoors, we know quality when we see it.

If you are considering using natural stone bathroom tiles in your home, chat to one of our specialists at Bernini today, or book your free consultation at Bernini Stone & Tile now.


When it comes to the versatility of use for designer tiles or natural stone in the bathroom, you can use the tiles in a manner of ways, all of which will bring instant luxury and classic elegance to a bathroom.

Natural stone floor bathroom tiles

Floor tiles are an excellent way to bring subtle and elegant form to the room. Many interior designers suggest using a neutral-coloured, functional stone floor tile like a sandstone tile, travertine or limestone for the bathroom flooring as they offer low porosity, hard-wearing, easy to clean properties which are essential for the bathroom. At Bernini Stone & Tile, we offer you a variety of honed and filled, or polished stone options to choose from.

Statement walls

Many designers and homeowners choose to feature walls of a natural stone like granite, travertine, basalt or marble to create a dramatic statement in the room. Consider using one solid slab for the statement wall that is a juxtaposition of style and colour to the other colours in your bathroom, for example, a black and white marble statement wall in a neutral cream or white bathroom.

Wall and floor tiles

Using the same natural stone bathroom tiles for the floors and walls can bring a uniform look to the room, giving it a dramatic air of sophistication and even make it appear larger. Bring in statement walls, or a pop of colour in the vanities or cabinet choices, to tie it all together. At Bernini Stone & Tile, we have a huge and varied range of natural stone bathroom tiles suitable for both floors and walls to choose from.

Shower tiles

Using natural stone tiles in the shower can bring a flair of fantasy and sophistication to any bathroom space. You may choose a neutral tile option to bring a sense of calm and balance to the space, or may opt for a more dramatic statement stone like a black marble or variegated limestone. The choice is all yours and a variety of options await you at Bernini Stone & Tile. Free consultation will ensure your choice lives satisfaction with longevity and maintenance.

As the leaders in natural stone in Perth, at Bernini Stone & Tile we are ready and waiting to help you create the best bathroom for you. Read more about tiling in our feature on bathroom tile size advice.

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