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Striking silver travertine slabs

The natural beauty of silver travertine slabs sets it apart from the rest. Created and shaped by natural underground springs, travertine stone forms one step before the stone turns to marble. This striking stone is a stylish feature on walls and floors, and can change the look and feel of the interior and exterior of any home or office. Contact us today or visit the Bernini Stone & Tiles Perth store and view our exclusive selection.

Travertine is a form of limestone derived from calcium carbonate. Minute pockets or voids give travertine its unique characteristics. Fascination with this beautiful stone has resulted in interior designers, comes in a variety of surface finishes including:

  • Honed and filled
  • Honed and unfilled
  • Brushed and unfilled
  • Brushed and filled
  • Sawn finish

This beautiful material can be seen in many historical buildings such as the Basilica in Paris. With a subtle air of sophistication, silver travertine slabs have often been considered the ultimate statement in style. We know what you need and have the travertine slabs to meet your décor needs.


Ethically sourced from quarries across the world, our travertine flooring slabs come in a variety of thicknesses crafted and honed for your walling and flooring. This environmentally friendly product is chemical-free, and our high-quality selection comes in an array of luxurious colours, to suit all types of interior and exterior design requirements.


Whether you’re looking for stylish travertine slab countertop, wall cladding, beautiful flooring, elegant walkways or a versatile building material that can withstand the harsh outdoor elements, silver travertine is the answer. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge about travertine and its most suitable uses. Find out more.

A firm favourite with property developers and interior designers, the finest silver travertine slabs play a big role in the development of commercial and residential properties.

The beautiful natural elements of travertine make each slab unique, and with the right finish your floor, wall or shopfront will take on a luxurious look of its own.

Get in touch today and find out more about our travertine slabs, available in various prices.

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Romano Classico Cross Cut
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Silver Nazimi Vein Cut
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Silver Nazimi Cross Cut
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Noce Serafino
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Aspen Cross Cut Travertine Slab
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Atilla Cross Cut
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La Sibillia Vein Cut
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