Stone Tiles

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A completely natural look of sophistication and elegance

Tiles add an element of style to any indoor and outdoor space, and when you’ve got a natural stone tile that is rich in colour, stylish in format, unique in characteristics and just eye-catching in general, you’ve got a valuable product on your hands.

Bernini Stones & Tiles is a stockist of the most inimitable stone tiles in Perth. Sourced from the finest quarries in 12 countries, our natural stones are processed into beautiful tiles that complement any area. Distinctive natural characteristics make up these products, giving them striking appearances that are eye-catching, no matter what the setting. Contact us for more information.The natural beauty of stone tiles

These hard wearing stones are processed by our high caliber suppliers from around the world. All stones are finished with care to enhance their natural beauty.

Contact our tile showroom and chat to any one of our experienced team members who will advise you on which luxury tiles will suit your needs.

Whether you need wall or floor tiles, you are not limited to just a few stones. You can order the following tiles with rough, chiseled, honed, sandblasted or polished finishes:

Marble tiles

Still considered one of the most beautiful stones in the world, marble has been, and still is, used throughout homes, businesses, museums, monuments and mammoth structures. A sophisticated stone that is used in bathrooms, walls, kitchens, living rooms and staircases, to create an elegant ambiance.

Bernini marble tiles can look dramatically different, depending on the cut of the product. Each stone has unique attributes that make it ideal for a range of products and features.

Granite tiles

A particularly hard stone that is commonly used for kitchen benchtops, granite is extremely durable, and the tiles are becoming fashionable flooring in the world of decor thanks to the many finishes and colours available.

We stock a beautiful range of granite tiles with different grains allowing us to combine several textures to create a unique look and feel for you. Our team will guide you accordingly.

Limestone tiles

If you like the vintage look for your residential or commercial premises, limestone tiles are considered the perfect choice. We stock a wide selection of limestone, which is available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Honed, chiseled, sandblasted or bush hammered, we can cut tiles to a specific shape and size to meet your specific requirements. A beautiful stone that makes a statement.

Basalt tiles

A rich, dark tile that is durable and can be used indoors and outdoors, basalt tiles allow for seamless integration from the indoors to the outdoors, or vice versa, and even from room to another. It’s the perfect floor tile that is non-slip and offers a timeless look.

Travertine tiles

Derived from the limestone family, travertine is available in a variety of colours ranging from light ivory to black and a beautiful stony brown. All of these are influenced by the unique makeup of each stone, which is revealed after finishing.

You can choose to have it honed, polished, brushed, filled or unfilled, or you can opt for the vintage style of a tumbled finish that gives it a rougher feel with bull-nosed (rounded) edges.

Each of these stones can be adapted to suit the space and finishes for your commercial or residential requirements.

Wall tiles are easy to maintain and are extremely resilient in terms of heat and cold resistance. Used to create eye-catching feature walls with mosaics and patterns in traditional or contemporary designs, Bernini tiles are bold, beautiful and versatile.

Floor tiles need to suit various environments, and while many of the stones are naturally water-resistant, they require surface sealants. Whether you’re tiling a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area, we have something to meet every one of your tiling needs.

Contact our team for assistance with all your tiling requirements. For 30 years we have been recognized for superior natural stone tiles in Perth, and excellent service at every turn. Look to Bernini Stones & Tiles for your new tiles.


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