Stone Slabs

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Choose the best natural stone slabs from Perth’s leading stone slab supplier

Sourced from the finest quarries in Italy, Spain and a variety of countries around the world, Bernini Stone & Tile’s range of natural stone slabs offers excellent quality and unmatched beauty.

Whether you are wanting to renovate your floors or kitchen surfaces, or even create a statement for your outdoor patio, we have a variety of natural stone slabs that are suitable for many applications. Durable, versatile, resilient and long-lasting, stone slab blocks are much sought-after by developers and architects alike thanks to their extensive benefits.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and are proud to be the leading stone slab suppliers in the import and distribution of top-quality, stylish stone slabs in Perth.

If you’re looking to buy stone slabs, chat to one of our specialists, or book your free consultation at Bernini Stone & Tile now.

Stone slab options

A variety of materials, colours and finishes await you. Choose from a range of stone slab materials such as;

Marble slabs
Marble is a high-class, stylish stone that can be used indoors and out. Marble comes in various levels of hardness and can be applied in a wide range of settings. Slabs will need to be sealed for some applications and certain finishes can be applied.

Limestone slabs
Limestone has a pearly appearance that ages well over time. It’s easily adaptable to architectural styles and can be cut, shaped, sandblasted, brushed and chiselled to create different finishes. It’s a soft stone that is easy to work with, but only suitable for certain decor applications.

Travertine slabs
An elegant stone that is formed in hot springs, travertine slabs have subtle patterns and the basic composition of either marble or limestone. They come finished in various styles and are perfectly suited for flooring, walls and countertops. This stone also has natural cavities that can be filled to create a smooth finish; or you can choose to keep this feature.

Sandstone slabs
Sandstone products are made up of sand and rock fragments found along the waterways, resulting in slabs that are soft but durable at the same time. The material can be manipulated for interior and exterior applications, and can be chiselled, honed, sandblasted or polished according to your requirements. We offer sandstone slabs in various colours and sizes.

Granite slabs
Granite is a great building material that is strong, stain- and heat-resistant, and available in a variety of colours and patterns. It needs to be sealed to ensure its resilience and is also easy-to-maintain. Granite is an especially popular choice for kitchen and bar benchtops.

Onyx slabs
Primarily used for decorative purposes, onyx slabs are soft and easily scratched because of their fragile makeup of small crystals. Onyx shows off its beauty by offering a mixture of exquisite veined stones in different colours. Important to know that these slabs need to be sealed to ensure they retain their natural character.

Quartzite slabs
Known as non-foliated rocks, quartzite slabs are extremely durable and can be honed, polished and brushed. This natural stone has many uses and can be used as cladding for walls, staircases and flooring. Similar in hardness to granite and stain resistant, it’s a highly versatile material.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we offer our collection of stone slabs in a variety of finishes and colours too. Read our feature on the best countertop material to use from stone slabs for more interesting stone slab information.

Contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today.

The best nature has to offer, is waiting for you.

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