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A selection of bold and timeless marble tiles

Bernini Stones & Tiles is amongst the leading marble tile suppliers in Perth. Our extensive selection of natural stones is sourced from choice quarries in 12 different countries. Marble is a particular favorite with homeowners, artists, architects, interior designers and developers because of its timeless appeal. We have proudly imported and worked with the finest marble in the world for almost 30 years, and have seen this product change the face of interior design.

Used through the ages for sculpting and building, marble stone has always been viewed as luxurious and elegant. It’s a lifestyle stone that speaks of high-living and stylish taste, particularly when gracing the walls of foyers, the interiors of bathrooms, the benchtops of kitchens and the patios of hotels, restaurants, homes, bars and some of the finest historical monuments in the world. Marble tiles and slates make bold statements no matter the environment and application.


Perfect for foyers, bathrooms, vanities and kitchen benchtops, the versatility of marble is extensive. The black and white marble tiles bring floors and walls to life. Gliding across your new marble floor or running your hands along the cool tiled walls, feels like you’re cocooned in smooth luxury with an undertone of sheer strength.


No two marble stones are the same as each one has unique traits. Although they may not be entirely the same in appearance, they do blend well together to create seamless patterns and styles. The natural veiny appearances and the chic black and white colours, enhance the beauty of every environment, whether inside or outside.


Extremely strong and resistant to weather, marble has covered the faces of historical structures that are still standing today. No stone is infallible, but with a sealant, marble challenges that belief.

Marble is susceptible to scratching, and requires some refining before cutting. Depending on your taste and preferences, or those of your client, it can be finished in a number of different ways to minimise any surface damage, while enhancing the natural character. Choose any one of the following finishes:

  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Bush hammered
  • Flamed
  • Brushed

After sealing, marble is easy to clean, however soft cloths and mops are best, and no harsh chemicals should be used as these can dull the surface over time. With the right attention, marble tiles require minimal maintenance. It’s a premium product that is easy, and with the right quality stone, it can add value to any property.

Naturally you want to ensure you are investing in quality marble tiles, which is why we encourage you to visit our Perth-based showroom and interact with our user-friendly displays of natural stone. Our experienced team will advise you on the right stones, the best applications and the many cuts, shape sand style options.


Even if you’re buying the right product, you may be unsure of how it will look inside or outside your home or office. We can assist with that.

You can turn your home or office into a hub of sophisticated luxury that makes an impression on guests and clients, before you’ve even installed a cornerstone. If considering marble for your kitchen or bathroom, our consultants can assist you to detail and visualise how marble will transform your walls, floors and benchtops.

Our factory is filled with 65,000m of the finest natural stone, which is only touched and treated by our skilled masonries. So, you can rest assured that your marble will be precision cut, smoothly edged and perfectly finished to meet your specific needs.

Another Bernini Stones service that puts us at the forefront of service excellence.

Contact us today if you’re looking for quality marble tiles for sale. Affordable quality from premium suppliers who only source superior natural stone products.

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