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Our natural limestone tiles offer sophistication and elegance

Bernini Stones & Tiles is a preferred stockist of quality natural limestone tiles. Sourced from the finest quarries across 12 countries, our limestone tiles are high quality, versatile, durable and used in many commercial and residential property renovations and buildings. Visit our showroom in Perth where you can chat to our team, and see and feel the quality textures and finishes that set our stone products apart.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is a crisp natural stone and generally mono in appearance and available in floor and wall tiles. Used for landscaping, interior fireplaces, patio flooring and throughout hotels and restaurants, it can be manipulated to suit your needs. This stone is available in several variants that can be used indoors and out.

Ordinarily white, the iron oxide in limestone can make it brown, red, blue-grey, and in some instances, black. Used around pools, to pave patios, and for interior floors, limestone tiles add a rustic feel to any commercial and residential property.

Visual appeal

With impressive swirling patterns and extraordinary veins running through it, these hardy stones are naturally occurring in a light colours including warm tan, off-white cream, grey, or a subtle beige. We can enhance the colours, finish them to achieve various textures, and cut and shape them to suit your needs.

Beautifully manipulated and treated by our high calibre suppliers, the shaping and finishing will reveal the unique qualities buried just beneath the surface of travertine and limestone. Brought to the fore during the refining stages, the visual appeal of these stones becomes more apparent, giving you an idea of how wall and floor tiles will turn your bathroom and kitchen into luxurious and functional spaces.


While its obvious that limestone and travertine radiate luxury and sophistication, not only are they attractive to look at, but the stylized bathroom tiles, benchtop slabs and wall cladding add value to your home.

Sought after by homeowners, architects, interior designers and developers because of their value, they’re easy to maintain and clean, extremely durable in the harshest weather conditions, and become more attractive with age.


Sawn into tiles and slabs, limestone and travertine are resistant to heat, staining and scratching. They can be honed, polished, tumbled and chiselled; giving them a polished, glossy and rustic style that complements any traditional or contemporary setting.

Contact us today for limestone tiles or visit our showroom in Subiaco, Perth, where you can interact with our user-friendly displays and find which stone you prefer.

Santa Teresa Cross Cut
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Salvador Grey
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Marron Sirena
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Sienna Beige
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Blanch Riche
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Beige and Brown Pavers
Limestone Jura Beige
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Olympia Limestone
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Emmanuel Beige
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Bacchio Beige Limestone Tiles
Bacchio Beige
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Grigio Sirena
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