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Natural granite paving for durability

Granite is durable and therefore the perfect material to use as a construction stone. Bernini supplies a wide range of granite paving to the commercial and residential sectors. Our granite is available in a range of exfoliated non-slip finishes suitable for exterior applications. Contact us today for more information on our natural granite paving, or visit our Perth-based store to view our wide selection.


The texture and finish of a stone goes a long way to giving it its rugged or elegant personality. Granite certainly holds its own in the character department, however, we add a little of our own by applying any one of the following finishes:

  • Flamed
  • Bush hammered
  • Sandblasted
  • Flamed and brushed

Choose granite paving to suit your aesthetic preferences and we can cut and polish to your specifications. You can choose from any one of the above finishes, which will make your granite pavers stand out, especially when laid at various angles to create stylish patterns.

Not only is granite a beautiful product to play with on the design front, but it’s a real investment in your property. This beautiful paver can really enhance the outside of your property adding value and style thanks to its natural appeal. Choose your granite from our selection.

We stock granite paving stones from three renowned granites which are recognised for quality and style. These include:

Bianco Montali

Biano Montali is a common granite used widely in commercial projects and is offered in the honed, flamed and bush hammered finish.

Grigio Sunil

Grigio Sunil is a grey granite and a cost-effective solution for landscaping projects where paving or cobblestones are required.

Available in exfoliated finishes such as bush hammered, chiselled, flamed, honed, and flamed and brushed.

Kakadu Green

Kakadu Green is a green-based granite. It is a great budget-friendly alternative to the Austral Verde. Available in paving form from our showroom.


The unique properties of granite make it one of the favoured stones amongst the world’s property developers, builders, landscapers, architects and designers. This stone was used centuries ago and the fact that many of the structures are still around today is testament to the durability of granite. It can easily withstand acidic liquids and any harsh outdoor element that comes it way.


Because granite crystallises slowly within the earth’s crust, it is one of the hardest stones known to mankind. Forged under that kind of pressure makes it a special type of natural stone, not only because of its resilience, but also because aesthetically it features different colours and patterns within the structure. These striking traits mean that every granite paver that you lay down is unique.

Contact us today for further assistance with your granite paving requirements. We offer paving advice regarding all granite pavers, and our team will take your custom cut requirements and give you a quote to suit your budget.

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