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Choose from a range of gemstone tiles at Perth’s best gemstone store

Gemstones showcase the beauty of Mother Nature at her finest and display the exquisiteness of what only she can create.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in the supply of natural stone and the finest gemstone slabs. We have been in the industry for over 30 years’s and this has allowed us to forge partnerships with the finest Italian and Spanish suppliers of natural stone, amongst others worldwide.

If you’re looking to install gemstone stone or gemstone tiles into your home, chat to one of our specialists at today, or book your free consultation at Bernini Stone & Tile now.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we offer a range of semi-precious stone slabs to choose from which come in a variety of colours and finishes. Finished slabs can be used as benchtops, tabletops, feature panels or even simply as works of art.

Our range of gemstone slabs include;

Jasper Zebra’s polished
Jasper Zebra slabs come in a range of warm shades of beige, tan, gold and brown. These superb, artful pieces can be custom ordered to vary the mix of shades, lighter or darker or grading from light to dark to facilitate specific effects for any project.

Jasper Shellflint’s polished
Irregular, Picasso-type shapes of this unique stone are selected to produce a tightly knit pattern of artistic beauty. Custom orders are considered to vary the mix of shades, lighter or darker or grading from light to dark to facilitate specific effects for any project.

Tiger’s Eye Gold’s polished
This quartzite laced with iron oxide has depth and dimension that has intrigued man since ancient times. Tiger’s Eye is said to have therapeutic benefits creating a calming vibration and clear thinking.

Agate Rubane – polished
Warm shades of white, blue, grey and brown characterise the gorgeous Agate. Striated patterns forming shapes within shapes ensuring that each slab is utterly unique, resulting in a vibrant and artistic display of colour. Agate has a high degree of hardness and resistance to marking too.

Agate Crystal’s polished
This white crystal offers stone pieces that are alive with subtle variations in shade forming an abstract, quilt-like production. Backlighting takes this material to another level creating ambiance while also highlighting the character of an individual piece.

Crystal Quartz’s polished and leather
Shades of translucent whites, result in the mesmerising character of this gemstone. The irregular quartzite pieces contrast subtly, creating dimension and sophistication. This stone is also available in Crystal Quartz Leather and White Quartz as well.

Black & White Petrified Wood’s polished
Thanks to millions of years’s worth of compression below the Earth’s surface, petrified wood is the culmination of tree trunks fossilised down to minerals only, mostly silicate and quartz. Various shades of black, grey and charcoal accentuate the circular trunk formations of the Black Petrified Wood and offer an artistic play of circles within circles. We also supply White Petrified Wood stone which shows off a range of white, tan, brown and grey markings too.

Read our feature on the how much are gemstone countertops for more information on gemstone slabs for sale.

Contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today.

The best nature has to offer, is waiting for you.

Agathe Crystal Polished
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Black Petrified Wood Polished
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Jasper Shellflint Polished
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Jasper Zebra Polished
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Tiger Eye Gold Polished
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Agate Rubane Polished
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Crystal Quartz Polished
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Crystal Quartz Leather
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White Petrified Wood
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White Quartz
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