Best countertop material

There are many benefits to using natural stone for countertops

When considering whether to use natural stone or another countertop product such as wood, concrete or synthetic material, the choice is made by understanding the benefits of a product and deciding whether those benefits match your lifestyle and needs.

Natural stone in our opinion is one of the best countertop surface types to consider because of the multitude of benefits to homeowners that it offers.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we routinely suggest stone types such as granite, marble and quartzite as material options for countertops because of their versatile properties, beauty and the range of colours and finishes that are available.

So, what are the benefits of natural stone that make it a great countertop material choice? Let’s take a look;

  • Durable – natural stone is a naturally durable material that is great for high-traffic areas of the home, like kitchens, bars and bathrooms. It does not easily crack, tarnish or wear and often looks brand new for years to come.
  • Versatile – natural stone is a versatile material that, depending on the cut and colour, can be used in a variety of ways including countertops, flooring, and walling.
  • Easy-to-clean – thanks to its durable nature, natural stone (especially when polished) is incredibly easy to keep clean. Regular cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent is generally all that is required. If you want to know more about how to maintain a specific type of natural stone, visit our maintenance page for recommendations.
  • Low maintenance –in the case of granite and quartzite there is no polishing, resurfacing or sanding required of natural stone once it is installed, making it an incredibly easy material to maintain.
  • Value-adding – natural stone, in many of its forms like marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, onyx, basalt and sandstone, is an incredibly beautiful, classic and valuable stone to install. Using natural stone not only enhances the beauty and style of your home, but it instantly adds real value to the home’s value as a whole.
  • Long-lasting – thanks to all the above benefits of natural stone, it makes this type of material incredibly long-lasting. Many homeowners say their stone countertops often look brand new for years and years after installation.

For more information and advice on the best countertop surface type, contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today.

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