Bathroom tile size advice

Specialist Bathroom Tile Size Advice

What size is best? This is the age-old question that homeowners and renovators ask when remodelling or designing a bathroom. Especially when considering doing the design on your own, without the help of an interior designer.
The specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, get asked this question alot! When offering bathroom tile size advice, we suggest that the main factors to consider are, of course, style and budget, as these will determine the boundaries within which you can work.

When considering bathroom tile size advice, start with asking yourself what kind of style you want your bathroom to have? Do you want a modern, contemporary bathroom with neutral colouring? If so, you might then want to consider a white or cream marble or granite for the bathroom tile. Are you keen to make a statement in your bathroom using dramatically different tile sizes and colours? All these are factors need to be considered first before buying.

Of course, knowing your budget and the limits within which you have to work is essential. Some homeowners will be renovating on a strict budget and may need to consider smaller, less expensive tiles. Others may have a bigger budget and would be able to afford an imported natural stone tile like marble, granite or quartz.
When it comes to knowing how to choose a bathroom tile for a small bathroom, medium or even a large one, there are a few rules that interior designers suggest knowing about, namely;

  • Diagonal tiles draw the eye outward, giving the feeling of more space and a larger expanse than there really is. This might be a great option for a smaller bathroom that you would like to appear bigger.
  • Large tiles or slabs give a dramatic effect and also make the space appear much larger than it is, with fewer grout lines that could potentially get dirty underfoot.
  • Small tiles should be avoided on the floor as the grout between the tiles tends to get dirty and can give the appearance of having a dirty floor all the time.
  • Consider using a different shape, colour, or texture of tile in the shower or on a statement wall to give a point of interest in a bathroom.
  • Always match the style of your bathroom to the style of the rest of the home or bedroom (if it is an en-suite bathroom).

Plan ahead before diving into your bathroom renovation. Plan everything from flooring to fixtures and even consider drawing up a mock-up (by hand or on a computer) in order to give yourself an idea of what the bathroom design is going to look like and whether or not your tile size idea works.

For more bathroom tile size advice, contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today. 

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