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At Bernini Stone & Tile, we are proud to be synonymous with premium natural stone paving sourced from around the world. Shaped and finished for functionality and style, our natural stone paving is trusted for durability, and embraced for its versatility. Used in various landscaping and stone paving projects in Perth, our stone pavers like travertine, granite, basalt and limestone are the perfect, natural alternatives to concrete-based products.

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Paving slab options
For outdoor paving, Bernini Stone & Tile offers a wide range of natural stone options and colours to choose from. The most robust, best suited outdoor paving tile options are:

Granite paving
Granite is a modern paving that is durable and utterly perfect for outdoor use, not to mention its stylish, beautiful characteristics too. Our granite is available in a range of exfoliated, non-slip finishes suitable for exterior application and we supply to both the commercial and residential sectors.

Travertine paving
Travertine paving brings an air of personality and beauty into any outdoor area. Travertine is a versatile stone with unique characteristics that can be used as paving, flooring, cladding, benchtops and even feature walls in the home.

Basalt paving stone
A popular choice of natural stone for both residential and commercial clients, basalt paving stones are both attractive and extremely functional. Many designers and architects choose basalt pavers for their decor feature walls or simply as stylish, non-slip flooring, making it a great stone for both the indoors and outdoors.

Limestone paving
Limestone pavers are an excellent choice for outdoor paving. Very little compares to the natural elegance that limestone can bring to a home. Limestone is a beautiful natural product that can be used in any outdoor or indoor setting thanks to its extreme durability. We stock a range of limestone pavers in various thicknesses and colours too.

Sandstone pavers
Sandstone is a firm favourite among landscapers and architects thanks to its durable and versatile properties that bring a natural paving beauty to any area. Sandstone pavers can turn any overgrown outdoor area into a stylish centre-piece thanks to its rugged beauty.

At Bernini Stone & Tile, we offer paving stone supply in a variety of colours from white to black and almost everything in between, as well as in a variety of finishes too.

Read our feature on DIY paving instructions for all you need to know about how to lay pavers.

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The best nature has to offer, is waiting for you.

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