Natural Stone Paving


Supplying Pavers To Perth For Over 30 Years

Paving in natural stone is here in a big way! Style, design & sophistication are overflowing from interior to exterior! The use of stone externally for paving and feature elements is on the increase. It is the ripple effect of the end-user realization that quality of time in outdoor spaces is as highly valued as it is indoors! An extensive range of limestone, travertine, marble, granite and basalt are now available in standard paver format with the option for custom pieces to suit pool coping, steps and water features.

Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor Paving and plant life are the makings of our garden spaces! Creating a place to be outside becomes something else when we turn to the diversity of colour, finish and form in natural stone! Check out the range of what is now on offer giving you the chance to style and design a world of your own like no other. Love our climate and outdoor way of life by bringing style and design into your alfresco, pool and garden areas. Select standard formats from stock or design and detail something unique to meet your requirements.

Stone Paving

Stone Paving is the ultimate design solution for your outdoor spaces. Colour and character to suit your design, variations in texture to add non-slip finish and appeal at the same time, durable and easy to maintain means long it will be and standard formats now in stock make it all affordable with ease. Extend the quality of your internal finishes into outdoor spaces where you so much like to be! Let stone bring to life that alfresco or pool space just out there with an easy to maintain and visually appealing finish.

Contact us today for assistance in choosing your preferred marble slab. We have our showroom in Subiaco, so whether you’re a homeowner or a business looking for stunning outdoor pavers, stone paving or natural stone paving, come and see our full range. We have excellent staff available to help and answer any of your questions.

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