How much are gemstone countertops

Gemstone countertops are highly valuable and uniquely distinctive

They say you cannot put a price on beauty, and that is infinitely true when it comes to asking the question, how much are gemstone countertops?
Gemstone and other semi-precious stone countertops are more expensive to install thanks to the distinctive and unique beauty they offer over other generic countertop material options. However, at Bernini Stone & Tile, we feel it’s important to understand why this stone slab option is more expensive. If you understand the true uniqueness of the stone you are getting, the price will seem that much more worth it to any homeowner.


Gemstone countertops like Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Agate, Quartz, or Petrified Wood are precious stones that are expertly taken out of the Earth and formed into a stone slab ready for use. The extraction and preparation process of a gemstone slab is an extremely delicate and painstakingly intricate one.

Gemstone slabs work immaculately for any countertop surface including a kitchen or bathroom benchtop and are also often used by the discerning homeowner for tabletops, feature walls and even simply as works of art too.

Benefits of gemstone slabs for countertops include;

  • Uniqueness – each gemstone slab is uniquely engineered from the womb of Mother Nature. Custom made gemstone slabs can also be created to get the perfect mix and shade of colours a homeowner might want.
  • Heat & Stain Resistant – gemstone slabs are heat and stain resistant making them excellent choices for hard-wearing, busy areas such as kitchens, bars and bathrooms.
  • Non-porous – you won’t run the risk of stains and other forms of liquids leaking into the gemstone and discolouring it thanks to its non-porous nature.
  • Easy to clean – cleaning gemstone is as simple as using warm water and a mild detergent.

For more information and advice on how much gemstone countertops are, contact the specialists at Bernini Stone & Tile, or visit us at our world-class Subiaco showroom today.

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