The Ultimate guide to maintaining and caring for your new Alfresco.

Increase the longevity and beauty of your natural stone products by cleaning and protecting your stone.


It is critical to consider the performance expectations of your stone selection, including any need for a nonslip finish, ease of cleaning along with all the design, styling, and aesthetic requirements.

Natural Stone paving products include Travertine, Limestone and Granite which are available in a range of different surface finishes which may affect the level of cleaning and maintenance required. All these points impact on design and styling along with requirements for general care and maintenance. Consult our showroom staff for a quick easy route to the right answers with minimal amount of consultation.



For enhanced performance it is recommend that all-natural stone floors be sealed with Aquaseal Gold + by Sealer Plus. A premium penetrating sealer designed specifically for natural stone resulting in a surface that is more practical to clean and maintain. Non-Yellowing & UV Resistant, Inhibits Mould, Mildew & Efflorescence & will ensure the best possible performance.



For pool coping, waterline or any stone under water, optimum performance is achieved by dip sealing prior to installation. The recommended product is Ultra Block by Sealers Plus. Please ensure product guidelines are followed to ensure performance of tile adhesives.



Periodic high-pressure cleaning and or machine scrub cleaning will help ensure your natural stone maintains its unique appeal. The frequency of this will vary depending on the product, environmental factors and level of traffic or use. Reapplication of Aquaseal Gold + approximately every two years will ensure the longevity and performance of your stone. For removal of long term soiling use Xtream Clean + by Sealers Plus.


Efflorescence can occur on any external natural stone finish at any time due to salts and impurities from any water source. During the construction or installation phase, use of Efflock to inhibit short- and long-term efflorescence.

If cleaned promptly after appearing with Oxi Treat + by Sealers Plus, it can be easy to remove however, if left over time and exposed to sun and general weather conditions over time, it can become difficult if not impossible to remove.


Exposure to the elements and ultraviolet light can result in fading of natural stone over time is a reality but more so with some colours. On lighter neutral colours it is less noticeable than with darker grey or charcoal, however really it is product specific so best to check in with our showroom consultants for advice on this matter.

To enhance or enrich the colour of a weathered stone refer to Enhance “N” Seal by Sealers Plus



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